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Fabric acoustical panel selects high density fiberglass batt as core material, with woven fabric as facing. It is flat-faced with square or beveled edges. Sizes could be standard or customized to meet every need. Properties are as follows:

· High Performance

· Architecturally Decorative

· Custom Engineered & Manufactured

· Reduced Noise & Reverberation

· 100% Custom Colors and Sizes

Thickness: 25mm, 50mm.
Sizes: 600mm×600mm; 600mm×1200mm; 1200mm×1200mm; 1200mm×2400mm; or any other customized sizes. 
Flammability: ASTM E84, Class A. 
Installation: Ahesive, Mechanical Clips
Applications: Offices, schools, meeting rooms, music rooms, hotels, auditoriums, recording studios, broadcasting studios, or any space where good speech privacy or speech intelligibility is important.


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